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Minoxidil (générique)

Qu’est-ce que le Minoxidil ?

Cette lotion contient du minoxidil, son principe actif, qui arrête la chute de cheveux. Non seulement il arrête la chute de cheveux mais il stimule aussi la repousse des nouveaux. La perte de cheveux est un réel problème pouvant s’aggraver avec l’âge. N’oubliez pas non plus que l’alopécie affecte autant les hommes que les femmes, bien que de faà§on légèrement différente. Elle se caractérise chez les hommes, par le front et les tempes qui se dégarnissent ainsi que par une alopécie au sommet du cuir chevelu. Chez les femmes, l’alopécie est différente et se manifeste de faà§on plus éparse, puisque les cheveux se raréfient sur l’ensemble du cuir chevelu. Le Minoxidil est très célèbre puisqu’il peut être utilisé tant par les hommes que par les femmes et qu’il enrayera le processus de chute tout en stimulant la repousse de nouveaux cheveux. Il est délivré sans ordonnance.

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Minoxidil for alopecia

Among all drugs for baldness, minoxidil has gained the most popular today. This tool has a pronounced antihypertensive effect, promotes the expansion of blood vessels in the scalp and, when used locally, stimulates hair growth. In addition, in the course of clinical studies, as well as on the basis of the experience of people who used the drug, the high efficiency of the use of minoxidil in androgenetic alopecia was confirmed. The substances included in its composition not only actively cause intensive growth and restoration of the scalp but also prevent the loss of existing hair.

The essence of androgenetic alopecia

This type of baldness is most common among men and in 95% of cases due to heredity. In other words, if there were men in your family suffering from baldness, then with a high degree of probability this problem will affect you.

With the development of this problem, the hair becomes thinner, weaker and ultimately falls out. In most cases, focal alopecia is noted, characterized by hair loss in the parietal and frontal region. However, in some situations, a complete loss of scalp is possible.

It should also be noted that women are not immune to androgenic alopecia. Under the influence of certain factors, including heredity, women may experience rapid hair loss.

An important fact is that androgenetic alopecia is not a disease in the classical sense of the word. This is, first of all, the specific state of the organism, due to the action of a whole complex of external and internal factors. However, the use of minoxidil for hair growth in alopecia can effectively slow down hair loss, and in the future, almost completely stop degenerative processes. In this case, the drug acts not as a medicine, but as a prophylactic, however, the effect of its use, subject to the manufacturer's recommendations, may persist for a long time.

Varieties of Alopecia

Minoxidil for baldness has proven effectiveness, however, the nature and severity of the achieved effect, as well as recommendations for use, largely depend on the diagnosed type of alopecia:

  • Androgenic alopecia - the type of baldness we are considering is provoked by the action of the steroid hormones androgens, which are created by both the male and female body. With this form, not only the hair follicles are damaged, but also the scalp itself - it becomes thin, loses the intensity of blood flow and the amount of oxygen entering the follicles. As a result, the hair becomes thinner, weaker and falls out. Their growth gradually slows down - after a while even short, fluffy hair ceases to grow.
  • Diffuse (symptomatic) - is a consequence of disorders in the functions of the whole organism, under the influence of which the intensity of hair growth decreases. Includes 2 subspecies: telogen and anagen. The first type develops as a result of stress, hormonal disorders, prolonged use of antipsychotics or antidepressants, against the background of a lack of vitamins and minerals, or a prolonged infectious disease. The second type is manifested with radioactive damage, chemotherapy, severe poisoning. As a result of the development of diffuse alopecia, a person gradually loses the entire hairline of the scalp. The timely start of the use of minoxidil in this case makes it possible to significantly slow down and even stop hair loss.
  • Focal (nesting) - hair with this form of alopecia falls out on separate areas of the scalp and form rounded lesions. The reason in the vast majority of cases is damage to the immune system and the weakening of the hair root system caused by it. With focal alopecia, minoxidil often eliminates the problem completely.
  • Cicatricial - occurs in only 1-2% of cases of alopecia. The hairline receives pronounced irreversible damage - the skin in place of the lost hair is covered with scars. The reason may be a strong infection of the scalp, burns, various injuries. With this form of baldness, Minoxidil can be used to slow down degenerative processes and preserve hair that is still present.

Treatment of androgenetic alopecia with minoxidil

Among the entire spectrum of medicines on the market, only 2 are characterized by proven efficacy and safety in the fight against androgenetic alopecia. And it is minoxidil that is one of these tools, which is confirmed by the certificates of the European Medical Agency and the US Food and Drug Administration.

In the course of the research, the effectiveness of the use of minoxidil in all forms was proved: on the market, this drug is offered in the form of a spray, foam, aerosol, solution. In addition, an important feature is that this drug is effective when used by both men and women.

Minoxidil for androgenetic alopecia acts as follows:

  • rapidly penetrating the scalp, it dilates the vessels in it and restores normal blood flow;
  • together with an increased volume of blood, a larger volume of nutrients is delivered to the hair follicles, and already used elements are more effectively excreted;
  • follicles in the resting phase, after obtaining the necessary amount of nutrient components, pass in to the stage of intensive growth;
  • the negative effect of androgenic steroids on the hair decreases, as a result of which it slows down, and with the further use of minoxidil, their loss completely stops.